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People share of “Meeting Celebrity”

No cuts “My mom shouted at Pierce Brosnan. My dad and she Meeting Celebrity were eating lunch at a ski resort. My mother became very hungry (a trait I inherited). She was waiting in line for her order. Just as she was about to place her order, a man tried to cut in front of her Meeting Celebrity.

She snapped at him and told him to move to the back like everyone else. She got her food, and she went back to my dad, still in shock. “Do you remember who that was?” “That was Pierce Brosnan. “You just shouted at James bond.” “He shouldn’t have tried and cut me,”

That’s who it was. My mom took me to the Bronx Zoo in 2002, when I was just 10 years old. We were there on a rainy afternoon so the place was almost empty except for three British children who were accompanied by a woman. My mom quickly made friends with the woman, while I became a child and joined the hoard to look at scorpions and spiders and share in the excitement of the animals.

After we had said our farewells for about an hour, my mother informed me that Daniel, the child I was hanging out with, had played Harry Potter Meeting Celebrity last year. He looked familiar to me.”

Jack is not your friend “My cousin rode a ski lift with Jack Black in Vail. They were the only ones. My husband and I were behind her in the lift, panicking. They were gone when we got off the lift. We found our way to her, and she was like, “Wow, that guy on the lift was so kind.” We were like, NO SHUT THAT WAS JACK BLACK. She was like, “THE SCHOOL OF ROCK GUY?”  She was embarrassed. She claimed she talked a lot about Iowa during their conversation. We had a lot of fun.

I know you. “I was a cinematographer at Meeting Celebrity in Albuquerque when they were filming the first Avengers film. Captain America was just about to appear, and I can recall because there was a huge statue of him in the lobby. Three people approached me as I was in the box office. Guy wanted 3 tickets for Bridesmaids.

He was wearing a green baseball cap, sunglasses, and it was getting dark outside. He used a credit card to pay. Christopher Evans. After I swiped the card, I stared at it. I handed it back. He signed the receipt and said, “I need your signature.” Then he entered.

Mama, Oh! “My friend’s mom, who is over 70 years old, owns a small Asian grocery store. Post Malone Meeting Celebrity walked in with his girlfriend, and his mom didn’t know who he was. Some cute things happened.


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