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The British format “Celebrity Hunted”

Amazon will make an Italian version of the British entertainment format Celebrity Hunted. This is its first non-scripted original Italian production.

Celebrity Hunted – Caccia All’Uomo from Endemol Shine Italy has been ordered by SVOD. The six-part series will launch in 2020 around the globe.

The series will follow celebrities as they run from a team of expert hunters. It will include Francesco Totti, an Italian soccer star, artist Fedez and YouTuber Luis Sal. Claudio Santamaria is a journalist and writer. Costantino della Gherardesca, anchorman, and the actors Diana Del Bufalo, and Cristiano Caccamo.

Celebrities must try to avoid the public eye and be free for 14 days in Italy, despite having limited financial resources. The most prominent and fearsome Italian professional investigators, cyber analyst, online profilers, and human trackers from law enforcement or military intelligence are responsible for tracking them down. To track celebrities, the Hunters have all legal options, including CCTV, number plate recognition, freedom of information requests, and call tracing.

Hunted, originally created by Shine TV (part of Endemol Shine Group) in the UK. This deal marks the eighth international adaptation of the format.

“With Celebrity Hunted- Caccia All’Uomo, we are bringing an innovative concept to viewers,” stated Georgia Brown, Director, European Amazon Original Series, Amazon Studios. This show is unique because of its quality production and A-list talent. We are thrilled to bring this manhunt adventure to Prime Video in Italy.

Leonardo Pasquinelli is the CEO of EndemolShine Italy. He said, “We are proud to be producing Amazon Prime Video’s first unscripted program in Italy.” “Celebrity Hunted- Caccia all ‘uomo” is a groundbreaking format that combines suspenseful, thrilling storytelling with innovative storytelling. This show presents a new challenge unlike any other.

Surveillance state for fun Celebrity Hunted Review?

One of The Capture’s greatest features was the inability to know whether the British authorities’ ability for virtually blanket surveillance was a nightmare future vision or a nightmare present portrait. Celebrity Hunted suggests that there is a third possibility. Virtually blanket surveillance is proof of just how amazing the authorities are and can even be used for laughs.

This series, which is part of Channel 4’s annual Stand Up to Cancer campaign, features four teams consisting of two people. They are on the run for two weeks and must avoid being captured by intelligence specialists equipped with the most recent snooping technology. It also confirms TV’s ability to provide broad characterisation, even when it is dealing with actual people. TOWIE’s women are apparently ‘doing it for Essex’, despite not caring about the cancer part.


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