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By PeterLogan

Because we are passionate about fashion, freedom and style, VRG GRL was founded in the late ’00s. We were two Verge Girl who created a style that reflected the summers we enjoyed and the places we long for. We don’t believe in following the crowd. We believe that it’s more than what you wear. It’s how you wear it. Our goal is to inspire women to look great and feel confident to be creative, happy women.

VRG GRL is much more than just clothing. We are the freedom to find your own style. We want young Verge Girl everywhere to be confident in their own skin and to celebrate their individuality.

You’d think that we would be able to do it all when it comes time to get dressed. We’ve done it almost every day our entire lives. But, sometimes, it’s still difficult to put together an outfit.

We are probably a bit out of our routine after months of isolation. There are some things you can do to help you get back into your style groove, mask on. The most important is: It is important to have the basics covered. You can style your wardrobe with a few reliable pieces. Girlfriend spoke to Verge Girl, the Australian fashion label.

If you somehow found yourself here, despite not being able to use TikTok, Instagram or YouTube, Verge Girl will be a label that you’ve seen some really cute pieces on before. The label is a favorite among everyday gals and has some notable celeb fans, including Ariana Grande and Bella Hadid. Continue reading to learn more about Natalia Suesskow and Daniella Dionyssiou, the Brissie girls behind the label and their top five wardrobe essentials.

We would love to hear How Verge Girl started

In 2007, we opened our first Brisbane store. Nat was 17 and Dan was 19. We were both just babies. From the moment we opened our tiny Verge Girl shop, it was always busy. Our mission has always been to offer young women cool, affordable clothing that is stylish and fashionable.

Young women on a tight budget wanted to find new, exciting clothes but there was not much available. It was all about high-priced or extremely cheap clothing.

This gap inspired us to create the company. Our goal was to make young women look confident without breaking the bank. Our online store was launched seven years ago and has exceeded all our expectations. In our first year, we grew more than 1000% and have not stopped growing ever since. Now, we are purely an internet-based company.

Online shopping is the only option for customers. It’s easy, safe and fun. The idea of getting a new item, or two, or five, while staying at home is exciting for girls.

We are proud to have been able to keep all of our employees on and also to hire new staff members. Our sales have increased exponentially. To keep up with increased stock volumes and to support sales growth, we have bought another warehouse and leased the space next to it.