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Ali Macofsky: Deadly Art

Ali Macofsky will be the first to notice that you are observant. Ali Macofsky is observant. She is sarcastic and biting. She has the DNA of the old school, like Norm MacDonald. However, she is unique with her candor.

Ali Macofsky is able to turn a phrase at breakneck pace, using self-deprecation and metaphors to bring the audience together. But within seconds, he can pull them apart with a joke that’s cerebral. Just for Laughs, her 2019 set about Googling how orgasm works. You’ll find threads that are narrow but connect a story that is crushing due to its relatability.

  • This set is a good indicator that she’s one the most exciting new comics in the world.
  • Ali Macofsky, who was seated at the smallest P. Terry’s burger stand in Austin, was excited to eat. This is something I have always wanted to do.

We didn’t order a simple combo meal. Instead, we gorged. We ate a spicy chicken sandwich, double cheeseburger and fries. All that was missing was a few milkshakes to finish off our coronary clogged afternoon. She was supposed to split the double cheese in half so that she could enjoy it. They gave us two and she ate hers. I was compelled to match her fervor.

She is a native Californian and she has also crossed a cultural no-no, “In & Out” being overrated. It’s a good burger. It’s a decent burger.

  • I have lived in Texas for eight years and instantly fell in love with her
  • We touched on the importance of age, experience and what makes us happy as we listened to the exhaust fumes of the cars.

This is a fascinating paradigm shift in terms of the lens of life experience and point of views. Macofsky is only twenty-five years old. In comedy, like in writing or baseball, it is rare to see someone in their 30s rise in comedy.

You wouldn’t know that she was “Lil Ali Macofsky” a decade ago making prank calls to Ryan Seacrest on Los Angeles radio. Her demeanor is charming and her humility is admirable.

As a child, being on the radio was an influence. You can make money being funny, that was how I felt. That was it. This was the job that I wanted. It was almost over when I discovered that.

She hasn’t slowed down since she hit the LA comedy scene. She earned regular spots at Comedy Store as well as traveling nationally. All this before she got that “after 30” car insurance discount.

She embraces her age and is active on social media. “I don’t watch reality TV, I don’t care about seven wealthy women who live in Orange County, they are housewives. I would like to see Britney, the bitch from my high school, doing what she is doing.”

People sit at the small, strawberry-red table and notice Ali Macofsky. They want to speak to her. A

An old man dressed in University of Texas burnt orange weekend gear approached the table and asked if we were comedians. “I have an old friend who does comedy. He’s in Bakersfield, California!

The older man gave us his name, proud that he could share for a moment that could be related.

  • Makofsky was genuine. Makofsky was sincere.
  • She took a sip of water and smiled. “I love sweet old guys.”

A younger child hung around the perimeter, making sure she was at the right angle. She made her day by offering a quick hello and complimenting the young cat on his shirt. Ali Macofsky

We danced on the knife’s edge as younger comics and female comedians, while the grackles sang in the distance.

“I try to be an excellent feminist, but I am not perfect. It feels like everyone in LA is always trying to do right. “I don’t always know the right thing.”

This is precisely why her comedy thrives. She doesn’t believe in absolutes. She can see all sides of the situation, which results in a stronger worldview and more genuine comedy.


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