Next Plumbing Supply: The American Standard

By PeterLogan

NEXT Plumbing Supply is a wholesaler of plumbing fixtures. It’s a good thing that competition exists. Competition is a business against another in the traditional sense. NEXT Plumbing Supply is an exception to this rule. The company was founded in 2003 and looked at the competition’s kitchen and bath dealers in the eyes. It then decided to become a partner.

These three branches, which have incorporated showrooms of 2,500 sq. feet, are located in Deerfield Beach and West Palm Beach. They also serve other showrooms in the central and southern parts of Florida. Partners President ables home health care David Lopatin, Marc Lopatin, Vice President Larry Cohen, and CEO Marc Lopatin (David’s father) came up with this strategy. While the showrooms are open for retail customers and trade (including plumbers and contractors), a significant portion of the business is wholesale. This involves other showrooms or dealers, as they are known in the industry.

NEXT has significant stock in its warehouses due to its focus on wholesale. According to David Lopatin (NEXT President), the key to successfully balancing inventory and cost-of-sales is to partner with the right manufacturers like American Standard(r). Lopatin says that what makes us unique is the fact that we consolidate our product lines. “Manufacturers have been broadening their product ranges, which has led us to partner with a few more that have more product lines,” says Lopatin. This has allowed for more cohesive relationships between NEXT Plumbing Supply’s manufacturer partners and has resulted a more efficient inventory solution to servicing dealers.


NEXT Plumbing Supply customers can focus on a few more manufacturers than they would if they were to deal with a multitude of different manufacturers. This is done to avoid confusion at the showroom floor. Lopatin says that customers can become confused when they are presented with too many product lines. This leads to confusion and eventually, customers give up. It allows us to provide a better solution for all our customers, wholesalers and retailers alike.” Lopatin also believes that it allows NEXT be a more committed partner to manufacturers while allowing for a more efficient stock system.

Profit margin potential is equally important for NEXT Plumbing Supply’s wholesale clients. Lopatin says, “We support our dealers through selling at a fair cost.” This means that the price is set up to ensure that there is a good  plumbing quotation profit margin. Lopatin quickly stated that choosing a product with a high profit margin is important. “Additionally the product must not be sold in home centers. Home centers are the only ones interested in dealers. They are interested in projecting a more refined, precise image.