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What is a “lucky travel” charm exactly?

Many travel charms have religious origins, such as the St Christopher pendant. No matter what your religious beliefs, there’s a lucky travel charm that will suit you. One can be purchased, found, made, or given as a gift. It’s as simple as having faith that it works.

Here are some Reasons to Carry a Lucky Charm for Travel?

A travel charm can be used for many reasons. A travel charm can help you feel more confident about traveling, whether you’re worried about your plane colliding, getting involved in a terrorist attack, or just losing your wallet.

Even if you don’t believe in the occult, a travel charm can give you courage and confidence to conquer the world.

It is common to gift someone a gift of good luck for their travels, as so many people live and travel abroad. Lucky Travel charms are a great gift to wish someone safe travels and a safe return home.

Lucky Travel Charms can be Very Beneficial for the Following People:

  • Gap year: People who are on a gap year
  • Business travelers
  • People who commute long distances every day
  • People who live and work abroad
  • Backpackers for the long term
  • People travel to countries that are more dangerous
  • Anybody who steps onto a bus, train or plane to go on a long or short trip.

What are the Types of Lucky Travel Charms?

There are many lucky travel charms that can be used to make your trip more memorable. You can find travel talismans in the form or stones, gems, crystals, feathers and claws as well as shark teeth and animal claws.

Travel charms vary between countries and religions.

Here’s a List of some of the Most Popular Travel Charms Around the Globe:

  1. St. Christopher Pendant, Catholicism. St Christopher pendants have been traditionally associated with travels. St Christopher is the patron saint for travellers. He is also known as the Saint that carried Christ and the weight of the universe safely across a river. One of the most sought-after lucky charms for travelers is still the St. Christopher pendant. There are many styles and designs of Saint Christopher pendants. Off The Map Jewellery has a wide selection of silver St Christopher pendants for men and women (and other lucky travel charms). These make great Christmas gifts.
  2. Nazar & Hamsa – Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries have the Nazar/Hamsa symbol to protect against the evil eye.
  3. Pyanska (Egg), Ukraine – This is an Easter egg painted in Ukraine that is believed to bring good luck.
  4. Brazil: A Pimenta charm is made from glass chillies. It can be worn as an ornament to bring luck.
  5. Kavacha, India: Kavacha refers to a necklace that contains a prayer scroll and water from the Ganges within it. This amulet has protective powers.

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