What to say about your insurance provider

By PeterLogan

Don’t worry if your insurer denies your claim. Insurance contracts are the same as any other. These steps will help you to effectively complain.

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1 Write to your insurance company

You can reduce the likelihood of complaints spiraling out of control by being more aware of your rights. Follow the correct process.

You can file a formal complaint if your insurance company doesn’t respond in a satisfactory manner.

All complaints must be addressed within eight weeks by financial service providers.

While the letter should be concise, it should also include important information like dates and names of those you have spoken to. It is also important to state how you want the problem resolved.

Before you escalate your complaint, give your provider an opportunity to resolve the issue. Always take down the names and details of the people you talk to.

2 Contact the Financial Ombudsman

If your insurer doesn’t respond to your complaint within eight weeks or has rejected it completely, you can file it with the Financial Ombudsman Service.

FOS can award up to PS150,000 to an insurance company. You can download claim forms from FOS or call 0300 123 9123.

Describe and document the details of your complaint in your FOS complaint. Also, state how you would like the matter resolved.

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3 Financial compensation

If you are successful in your complaint, you will be awarded a lump sum to help you get back to your financial situation.

FOS can tell the financial company to pay for compensation for financial losses or to make things right. FOS can also inform your insurance company that they should pay for costs or compensation for distress or incontinence.

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4. Use the small claims court

You can appeal the FOS decision to any small claims court if you are not satisfied.

It is worth considering whether a court will rule differently from the ombudsman.

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If you are claiming less than PS10,000 in England and Wales, or PS3,000 in Scotland or Northern Ireland, the small claims court process can be used.