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Craigslist Chattanooga – Pets adopted by Animals

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Chattanooga, Tennessee Craigslist Ducati Multistrada Motorcycles For in Chattanooga near Nashville and Knoxville Tennessee Pandora’s European Motorsports Cleveland Mother Daughter Share 7 735-mile Motorcycle Trip Across the U S Chattanooga Times free press access Tricities En Craigslist ORG Tri Cities Tn Jobs Apartments pug skull For Services Communities And Events Craigslist Phoenix Motorcycles S For Craigslist. Use the craigslist Android iOS app to chattanooga athens GA atlanta birmingham AL Boone Bowling Green Clarksville TN Columbus GA Cookeville Eastern KY Gadsden Greenville hicky huntsville jackson TN knoxville macon montgomery nashville southwest GA owensboro Southwest VA the shoals tricities

According to the post, July 16, 2015 is a day for celebrating the courage and determination of a man who gave everything to help others. Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, like Jesus Christ, fought against tyranny as well as the endless wars for profit. The actions of heroic martyrs such as Muhammad may bring peace to the world one day. Join us on July 16 to celebrate his sacrifice.

NewsChannel 9 reached out to the person who posted the message via email but has not received a response.

Abdulazeez was gunned down and killed at the Navy Recruitment Center Amnicola Highway, July 16, 2015, but not before he killed Sergeant Thomas Sullivan and Sergeant Carson Holmquist. He also shot and killed Sergeant Skip Wells, Sergeant Carson Holmquist and Lance Corporal Squire Skip Wells.

Chattanooga plans to commemorate the sad 1-year anniversary and pay tribute the Fallen Five in a variety of ways on July 16th. However, no NewsChannel 9 interviewee about the story at the Lee Highway Memorial believed that honoring the man who caused the deaths of the Fallen Five was a good idea.


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