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Car shipping from California to New York

One of the most common routes for car transportation in the United States is to ship a car from California into New York. California is home to many major cities that allow people to ship cars from California to New York. Los Angeles is the most popular route from California to New York for car shipping. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Pricing can vary depending on how much demand and supply there are at any particular time. The price of shipping cars from California to New York will go up if the demand for the route is greater than the supply. Because there are many car carriers that can ship cars from California and New York, if the supply drops, then the price will drop as well. This is because carriers fight to fill their trucks. Car transporters don’t want to travel across the country with empty spots so they will take less if there is less. Call us now at (800) 216-245 to speak with an agent and receive a free car towing quote from any location in the United States. Long Distance Auto Transport offers a Los Angeles to New York Auto Transport superior experience in auto shipping.

How to prepare to ship a car from California into New York

There are some things to remember when shipping your car from California to New York. This is a long trip and you should expect to be without your vehicle for at least 7-10 days, unless you have a team of drivers who take turns driving the car non-stop. A car hauler will often try to load his truck from Los Angeles to New York City. This way, they can make one long trip. However, a lot of times they won’t be able to do so so they take loads from California to Denver Colorado and then pick up the stuff from Denver to New York. People also like to transport their personal belongings on long trips. A driver can allow 100 pounds of weight if it is in the trunk. FMCSA states that carriers cannot transport any other items than the car. You should also have 1/4 of a gallon of gas in your car. This reduces the amount of weight that is being moved around during transport, which can cause stress to the car hauler truck. Open-air car transport is best for long trips. Your car will likely get dirty from the road conditions.

Cost of shipping a car from California into New York

Shipping a car from California into New York generally costs less than shipping one from California to California. This is because more people ship cars from New York City to California than from New York City to California. From California to New York, you can expect to spend about 1000 dollars. However, New York to California will cost you approximately 1200. If you’re not located in a major city for pick-up or drop-off, you will pay approximately one dollar per mile more if you need true door-to door transport. For a mid-sized car, expect to spend close to 1400 dollars if you’re looking at enclosed car transport from California and New York.

What is the cost of shipping my vehicle from California into New York?

Cost to ship your car from California or New York will depend on many factors. These include the vehicle type you want to transport, the cities you would like your vehicle picked up from, as well as whether your car is in running condition.

Our easy-to-use Car Shipping Calculator will give you an accurate quote for auto transport. Please enter the correct zip codes and vehicle type (e.g., Car, SUV, Pickup Truck) along with the operating condition of the car.

To instantly get the best rates on fully insured auto transport, choose whether you would like an Open or Enclosed service.


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