California occupational accident insurance

By PeterLogan

California occupational accident insurance

Lyft offers occupational accident insurance that covers covered injuries and medical expenses for Lyft drivers when they are driving in California online or on trips to California.

We can help you to understand what you need, how to get it covered, and what to expect in the event of an accident.

Occupational accident benefits

Medical expenses

Accident medical expense benefits up to a maximum amount of $1,000,000.

Disability payments

Temporary Total Disability payments equal 66% of the driver’s average weekly earnings from any network company, subject to both the minimum and maximal limits.

Death benefits

The occupational accident insurance offers accidental death benefits and burial expenses for the spouses, children, or other dependents of drivers.

Note: All coverages subject to policy terms and conditions, limitations, exclusions, and restrictions.

Questions? We have the answers.

What is occupational insurance?

Lyft drivers who are online in California and are taking Lyft trips that originate from California can get occupational accident insurance. This covers their medical expenses as well as disability benefits. The benefits are intended to reduce the financial burden of an accident on your family.

What does occupational accident insurance look like?

If your personal insurance doesn’t cover you, the auto liability insurance policy covers property damage and third party bodily injuries for covered accidents. Your occupational accident insurance benefits, such as medical expenses or disability payments, may not be covered by the auto liability policy.

Do I have to sign up?

The Lyft platform drivers are not eligible to receive occupational accident insurance coverage. However, they can use the Lyft App and be online in California.

Do I have to pay for occupational injury insurance?

This occupational accident coverage is not required to be paid.

How do I report a claim to the insurance company?

You could be eligible for coverage in the event of an accident or injury that occurs while you log into the elyft app during any of these:

  • California Delivery Requests or Rides: Waiting to be picked up
  • California – Picking up passengers/goods for rides/delivery

How do I report an injury?

You can report an auto accident injury through Lyft, or contact our Claims Customer Care team. Lyft Safety will help you report injuries that were caused by any other event. Our teams will review the details of both incidents and coordinate with our insurance provider to make a claim.

I was already logged into another application at the time of my accident. Are I still eligible to receive coverage?

You might be eligible for occupational accident insurance coverage if you’re available to accept requests on multiple platform companies simultaneously, provided you’re logged into Lyft.

If you use Lyft to get a ride or delivery from another network company, however, you will not be eligible for occupational accident benefits.

In this case, the network company may offer occupational accident benefits.